Saturday, 16 February 2013

Multiple Victor Sketches

Multiple Victor's. I'm not so hot on the top left one but that's probably becase it's not finished  and still needs a lot of adjustments, he'd be maybe early 20's late-late teens here. The top right picture is him at around mid-to-late forties, in the bottom picture (sketch and coloured) he's in his early-to-mid fifties.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Baby Vics

Some sketches I did whilst stuck in traffic of a younger and less young Victor

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Progress is going well, I'm just on the second from last chapter of the third story.

I'm struggling to find my muse at the mo so I'm going back and adding in crucial stuff that I'd missed out then I'm gonna maybe take a break for a while maybe or push on and try to finish it depending on how I feel.

Once I've finished the first three full stories I'm gonna do the little extra short one then I'm going to compile them with the diary entries and the epilogue and have a looksie at what they look like put together. Then I'm going to read them all through and re-write and edit a few times. I might then do the illustrations and maybe send it off to a publisher! I doubt all of this'll be finished anytime soon but I can hope, hope and work hard.


Another Demon

Another Daemon from the fourth book (not that he actually takes this form, more's the pity as I like it).
Drawn and painted in Sai over a couple of days

Demon Design

Unfinished demon sketch for the Fourth story. (Apologies for the nudity)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Realism Sketch: Secret guy!

You might have seen this guy around, I wanted to keep him a secret until book four but.. well I failed. I just like drawing his face!

Might edit this sketch later

Realism Sketch: Victor

Trying to capture a more realistic impression of each character (Pity it's scanned so poorly). Here's Vic, I might colour him.

Also ! Update on my progress! I've just finished the first chap of Book Three- Bloodfarm. I've always begun a short filler/flashback story that I might tag in the back of the first book for you about a young Victor's first hunt which should be fun!